Greetings! Welcome to my webpage. I started it originally just to put all the food research I'd collected and done over the years in one place (rather than have half of it at home and half at the office) for my personal ease of use. Later, I used it as a lazy way to recommend (quickly) credible food history links to people without me having to spend a lot of time looking up the information over and over again...and a place to dump links and info on my other interests. Then, I turned around one day and discovered that the darn site was actually helpful to other people, much to my surprise and delight.

     So, poke around, enjoy yourself, and have a spiffy day. Be well.

Professional Links:


Legal Publishing: I'm an editor at Thomson-West and coordinate work on a number of print, online, and other legal resources for lawyers, law librarians, and law students. Many of them are at

Links on My Hobbies

Medieval and Renaissance Cooking and Food Research: I'm an amateur culinary historian, focusing on the food and cooking of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. I truly love to cook for friends, but I love to read about food even more. This is mostly a collection of the links I use to research period culinary topics.

    I've also included my
feast menus, redactions, and papers from classes I've taught, as well as a list of resources (both primary sources and modern authorities) that I own and use when looking up the answers to period food questions.  Plus, here's the AEthelmearc Cooks Guild webpage.

Herbalism, Gardening, and Medicine Studies: I've been interested in herbalism since my teens. This is mostly links to Medieval European studies and my papers on herbalism of the Middle Ages, but also a few links to Native American, Asian, and other plant information.

Middle Eastern Dancing: I'm a barely-above-beginner dancer, and am trying to learn about dancing during the SCA's period of study (Fall of Rome to 1600). I don't have a lot yet on period dancing, but I do have info on
various modern bellydancing styles, including Raks Sharqi, Oriental Dance, American Tribal Style, etc.

      I have a separate page just on
merchants for garb, patterns, jewelry, etc. Plus, I have a page on Middle Eastern garb - I focus on Turkic/Khazar clothing.

Medieval History Research & Reenactment: More specifically, the Society for Creative Anachronism! It's an international not-for-profit educational organization which supports historic re-creation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. I have here general SCA and medieval history links, as well as ones for garb and scribal studies.

Khazar Studies: My persona has developed over the years to encompass a rather challenging history to document. This page includes my links for research on Khazar, Russian, and Jewish history, as well as my persona story (in progress) and my Turkic/Khazar garb research.

Katja's "resume" ... this is a list of ALL my classes and feasts.


wedding announcement and photos

Grendel (Eric), more Grendel & Katja (Chris), more Katja, and yet more Katja at various SCA events.
Photos of Katja's Pelican Writ and Pelican Elevation Ceremony

Photos of  Katja's GORGEOUS Laurel "Scroll" Cookbook

Photos of
my absolutely wonderful mom and my dearly missed grumpy old father, and the obligatory shrine to our spoiled cats...

Personal Links:

The Shroud of Turin: This includes links I like and a memoriam to my father, Alan D. Adler, a chemist who worked for many years on archaeological-chemical research on the relic.

Myriad Links on geeky stuff, Sci-Fi, and other things in which I'm interested...

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